General Manager Messages

        Our organizations and institutions that are working today in a world full of challenges and difficult competition, and because of that there are no way for recurring and continuing faults, and, absolutely, not permitted. To succeed and be capable to compete we have to do the right thing for the first time.  Therefore, we need to the so-called pre- experience so that we can advance that we are already right from the first time. Prior experience is the best approach in different exercises.

We can offer you the experience and expertise and the best international manufacturing technologies in order to achieve the best possible level of products and build experience prior to performance. The substantial development of Abdul Moneim company during the last couple of years reflects our values and beliefs that we have expressed in the vision of the company which stems from our belief that we possess all viable factors for success , Allah support, with the competitive advantage of being a national company.

We are confident that we will achieve the aspirations and hopes appointed upon us from our customers in the local and regional levels.