Vision & mission

Our Mission

           We exploit advanced international manufacturing standards by which we aim to achieve company progress and suitable revenue enables us to establish working environment to inspire the creativity of employees in all respects, commitment to the society, and to achieve the aspirations of its shareholders.
          We consider the particular  needs of citizens for effective , safe medicines  with affordable prices at  the top of our concerns, taking into account to meet the desires of our customers in the medical and pharmaceutical field locally and regionally, these  by  achieving bonds of empathy  with accredited  and committed suppliers.
          We are working to install the glory of Abdel Moneim company reputation in the minds of customers and citizens, taking into account all the requirements of preserving the environment.

Our Vision

      CIMA mission is to take a privileged position among the manufacturers of medicines in the local, Arab and African markets, and be the most important partners in the world of medicine and pharmacy in Sudan.